Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6th Update

Right now we have some good things and some not so good things.

The Community Review came. They were very kind and gave many great ideas, but, frankly, they are concerned that this project is too big for a council that is still very young and a community that is so divided.

We have been trying to get the estimates done, but are having trouble getting businesses to show up to do the estimate work. If you are someone who is in this field, we need you badly.

We have the beginnings of the 501c3 work started and a lawyer has stepped up to the plate to help us get this work moving more quickly. We are very grateful for the help.

The fundraising teams has 3 or 4 events in the works. Every little big will help.

We will have a community meeting this Sunday, June 9ths at 5:30pm on the grass at the Jr. High. We know it is hard for parents to leave kids to attend a meeting, so we welcome children. Most of us have accomplished a great deal with little ones at our feet, so we will work with it. We want every soul who wants to be a part of this to attend. We don't care how long you have lived here, how much money you make, what church you do or don't attend, or what language you speak primarily. All of you have service to offer and you are all important to this being a success. Please attend and invite others to attend.

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